Used Chevrolet Vehicles for Sale in Columbus

Used Chevrolet Vehicles at Byers Auto Group in Columbus

Are you looking forward to owning a Chevy model with budget constraints, or are you a used car enthusiast searching for a preowned Chevy model? If there is a yes in any of them, then this page is for you.

Chevy manufactures many vehicles, ranging from cars to trucks. Notably, these models, especially from the latest used inventory, carry a plethora of standard tech and performance systems, and below is why you should visit Byers Auto Group.

Stepping up to have a distinctive look and arrivals in Columbus tours could be everyone's dream. With the Chevy vehicles, you get a blend of various aspects, with design and modern tech the priorities for cars and SUVs, while used trucks blend both with additional performance specs.

Owning a used Chevy is not different from purchasing a new model. In our inventory, the brands' cars come with great value for your daily driving, plus they also accord you numerous benefits in your entire ownership. Here is a recap of why you need a Chevy from our inventory.

Chevy's Reputation

Chevrolet cars are well known for their quality, especially with the award-winning vehicles on their generation lineup. Interestingly, the brand produces various engines, safety systems, and more. These are known to be of excellent quality and reliability, plus you will always get the spare parts anywhere from Delaware to Dublin.

Additionally, Chevy has in the past launched trucks and modern SUVs with outstanding capabilities. On purchasing a used vehicle, you are sure of taking home a tested car ready to accord you efficient services for years.

Chevy Safety

Chevy has received various awards courtesy of its models from the Highway Safety Authorities in its years of manufacture. This happens as Chevy continues to launch additional security techs like auto-braking systems, rear alerts systems, and more. Other driver packages complement your skills, plus trailering and child safety tech for every functionality.

Chevy Tech

You will always get top-notch tech systems in our Chevy models. Chevy cars carry many standard features in the used inventory, plus you can also get upgrades from the latest inventories for your machine. There are entertainment systems, navigation capabilities, and towing tech for your used trucks.  Also, Chevy models offer you smartphone connection features, making every Gahanna adventures a personalized experience.


Compared to most rivals, Chevy cars come with friendly prices from their entry levels. You will never miss a vehicle that matches your budget in the used lineup, plus they have offers awaiting you. With regular service appointments, you will have your Chevy model serve you for a lifetime, plus low costs incurrences will have you save some pennies for your next purchase.

Variety of Models

Chevy carries numerous models, from gas to fully electric powertrains. There are also various car designs: trucks, small cars like the Malibu, or large SUVs. We also have midsize SUVs, hybrid powertrains, performance muscles like the Camaro ZLI, and full pickup trucks.

Some used vehicles include the Equinox, used Colorado, Chevrolet Malibu, the famous Silverado 1500, and Chevy Suburban. These cars also add on various alternative features and come in different trims to avail your match.

Used Buick

We also stock various preowned Buick models, giving you a wide selection to choose from your favorite brands. Buick boasts of uniquely designed luxury sedans and used SUVs, with the latter having an excellent machines lineup for your garage. Buick cars include the preowned Enclave, the used Regal mid-sized vehicle, the Envision, and the preowned Buick Encore.

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Undeniably, there are a dozen reasons why you could give a used car a trial, and for sure, they won't disappoint. If you need more details about our inventory, dealer locations, service, financing, or used car specials, please contact Byers Auto Group.