New Ford for Sale in Columbus

Why You Should Buy a New Ford at Byers Automotive

At Byers Auto in Columbus, we prioritize selling the best new cars, SUVs, and trucks. It is for this reason that we stock high numbers of various Ford models. Ford manufactures the best cars in every segment, targeting safety, durability, new technology, and a memorable experience for every buyer. Whether you are looking for a performance car, an off-roader, a family minivan, or a luxurious sedan, we have a Ford model that suits your needs.

A Wide Variety

Ford manufactures a variety of cars, trucks, and SUVs. We have various Ford models that come in different trim levels, featuring different engine sizes, interior and body styles. For buyers in Columbus, please browse through our vast stock consisting of Ford Explorer, Ford Ranger, Ford F-150, Ford Edge, Ford Escape, and Ford Expedition.

Features and Technology

For users looking for new technology, consider purchasing a Ford as it is a leading manufacturer in embracing new technology.  The new technologies adopted by Ford include; Syn- an infotainment system feature that allows users to enjoy music and receive calls without taking their hand from the steering wheel. New Ford models also come with My Ford Touch, a feature tailored to allow users to link their phone applications with their car. Ford has equipped its new models with Lane departure warning systems, Inflatable safety belts, and Collision prevention systems tailored to ensure maximum user safety in safety matters.


Ford has some of the most reliable models in the market today. Without a doubt, Ford models have a reputation of being built to last even in rugged terrains in Dublin, OH. Whether you are a contractor, a farmer, or a transporter, Ford's reliability will have you deliver your products without failure. Ford makes smaller sedans such as the Ford Focus, which have impressive reliability records that enhance the driving experience.

Fuel Economy

There is a rising demand for fuel economy in newer car models. Ford has an  Eco-boost feature designed to give you excellent fuel economy but not at the expense of performance. EcoBoost engines utilize a turbocharged direct injection system to make impressive torque and horsepower figures despite their small size. The remarkable performance makes your drive faster and enjoyable but at reduced fuel consumption. Furthermore, Ford's hybrid and all-electric models will reduce fuel expenses making your daily commute cheaper while reducing emissions.


Only a small percentage of interested buyers can afford a one-off car payment. Therefore, at Byers Auto, we offer various financing options available for every purchase of a new Ford. Our terms will fit any buyer's budget ranging from discounted monthly payments, low-interest loans to different yearly payment options. Depending on your location, car model, and your qualifications, financing options may vary.

Feel free to visit our page or contact us to learn more about the various options available. Documents required for financing include buyer's Driving license as well as W2 income or Letter of employment. With the proper documents and qualifications, we promise to make your car buying process easy, simple, and stress-free.


Service intervals vary depending on your vehicle type, engine, transmission, mileage covered, and age.  Servicing your Ford reduces the risk of major breakdowns, improves fuel economy, maintains your Ford's efficiency while maintaining your warranty. At Byers Automotive, we have highly trained technicians who will help you service your Ford, improve its longevity and enhance its performance. Scheduled servicing will also maintain your car's value if you want to trade in with us in the future.

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