The three R's everyone should follow are: Reduce, reuse, and recycle, and Subaru are leaders in this area. It was lately revealed that the company goes through great lengths to lower the amount of garbage created by their packaging by shipping the Styrofoam they use back to Japan so they can send their engines over to the States without making more waste. They have sent the same packing materials back an average of 23 times or more, meaning that the amount of Styrofoam left to decompose slowly in a landfill has been reduced that much more. As you know, Styrofoam is not biodegradable and takes an estimated 500 years to break down, which essentially means that none of us will ever see it happen, and this only contributes to future generations suffering at the hands of our mistakes.

Another way you can recycle to support the environment is by shopping our used inventory which is full of excellent models that, like the Styrofoam, are in perfect working condition and have a lot of mileage to offer. Visit us at Byers Subaru Dublin to discuss what it is you are looking for, and discover the many ways you can help out by selecting one of these safe and reliable used models.